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iPhone app for pro Hair Colorists and Stylists.

Digital client cards of visit histories, photos, formulas & timers!

Stay organized and work more efficiently. Engage deeper with your clients. Inspire them browsing through your color/style portfolio.

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    Client Cards

    The Client Card contains a client's contact information, the date of their last visit and complete visit history including formula and photos. Flick the card area to scroll through the history and see each visit card details. One tap to create a new visit or duplicate the same formula as a client's previous visit.

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    Create your own style and/or color portfolio!

    Clients love the visual reference of the photo gallery portfolio - so much better than magazines and look books ... showcasing designs by their very own Colorista - you! Show them right from your iPhone during the consultation.

    Easily create and manage a look book of your own portfolio, and/or add those from which you've drawn inspiration. The possibilities of sharing and browsing these photos with your clients is limitless ... and so is the improved client experience!

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    Stop leaving old fashioned stop-watches at each client station and instead have them all in the palm of your hand.

    The bottom menu bar indicates how many timers you running.

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    Keep a library of your favorite, most commonly used hair formulas and styles. Create your own Formula Names so that you can quickly browse photos and formula details of similar hair colors/styles.

    Some Colorists create their own color formula naming conventions, while others use it for common styles like up-dos, bangs and more.

    Imagine always being in the know of the latest hair trends, immediate access to celebrity color formulations and more.