The Colorista iOS app is a free download, and includes unlimited clients, photos, formulas and timers.

Menu & Navigation:
From anywhere in the app, just tap on the Colorista icon in the bottom left corner (or swype up) – to access the home menu. From the first screen of the home menu you can access virtually any other screen in one or two taps.

Colorista Home Menu:

1Download Colorista (free) from iTunes:

2 – Click around the demo data

View All Clients (Demo Clients):
From the home menu, select “all clients” by tapping on the center of the head icon in the top left corner of the menu screen.
Colorista - all clients by firstname

The app comes with demo clients pre-loaded. This allows you to practice and visualize how your app will behave once filled with your own clients.

Demo Formulas:
Some formulas also come pre-loaded to help you see what it will look like once all of YOUR FORMULAS are entered into the app. Optionally, you’re also able to “NAME” each formula, which will add it to your formula library.

Colorista - Formulas2

Client Card:
Colorista - client card

Each “client card” contains the client’s contact information at the top, and you can then add visits in the bottom section and easily scroll / flick to see the history of visits below. On each visit you add photos, notes and formula information.

3 – import your contacts

You may import your entire iPhone contact list, or select individual contacts to import. This can be accessed at anytime on the 3rd menu screen (i.e. go to the home menu and swipe left twice).

Colorista - home menu2 Colorista - home menu3

4 – add a new client
From the home menu, tapping the “+” in the top left corner by the “all clients” icon will bring you to the add a new client screen.
As well, from the “all clients” list screen, you may tap on the “add new client” icon located in the top right.

5 – add a new visit
Once on a client card, tap the pink “add new visit” button. This will create a visit details card and automatically date-stamp it. You can enter your style notes and formula information (and optional formula name), plus add photos.

Note that you can create your first 10 Client visits for free. Make sure you love the app – then upgrade to Colorista+ for unlimited visits. You get unlimited practice creating new visits on the demo clients included in the free version.

6 – how to use the timers
From the main home menu screen, either tap on the timer icon “all timers”, or the “+” to jump directly to “add a new timer”. You can have timers that are associated to any particular client, or not. While on a client card, you can tap the “add timer” button in the top right to add a timer for that particular client whose client card you are on.
There will always be a reference of your timers contained in the bottom menu bar. It will show you up to 3 of all of your timers running.

You can create as many timers as you wish, but running 8 or 10+ and you may blow it up … but go ahead and try. You can always see how many timers you have running. Either tap and see the list of all timers, or jump right into one. Each timer can be associated to a specific Client, or just a general timer. Tap around and you’ll figure out this area just fine :P.

Colorista - 3 timers Colorista - 1of3 timer portrait

7 – how to add/save a client’s formula
From the home menu screen: you may tap on the “+” icon of the bowl “all formulas” icon in the bottom left. Then, simply enter your formula details (and give it a formula name is optional). Once entered, select apply to – either a new or existing client. This will automatically add a new visit to that client. You may then continue at any time to add photos for that client’s visit.

From the client card: you select “add new visit”. This will allow you to enter the formula details either by typing it in, or copying it from a previous client, or copying it from one of the entries in your saved formula library.

From the home menu, you can either click on the Formula icon to go to view/search/find ALL Formulas, or, tap on the “+” symbol to create a new Formula. Note that you can select the yellow star to make any formula one of your favorites. Then, to see just your favorite formulas, just tap favorites!

Colorista - Formula details

8 – what is the formula library?
This is your portfolio of formulas. It allows you to quickly cut/paste onto a new client visit. Of course every formula can be tweaked and adjusted to suit the EXACT needs of each client visit.
Colorista - Formulas2 Colorista - Formulas1

9 – how to add/save a client’s photo
From the main menu screen, tap the “+” next to the “all photos” icon in the top right quadrant. This will allow you to go directly to take a new photo. Upon taking a new photo, you assign it to an existing client or a new client. This will automatically create a new visit and attach that photo to the visit details of your desired client. You could continue to then enter “edit” style and formula details for that client’s visit.

10 – browsing all photos

Click the Colorista icon in the bottom left corner to launch the menu-screen. Click the Photos icon. Select the bottom menu bar “Sort Clients by:”. When browsing photos, you can select any photo and then the [ -> ] button to view more photos of that Client, more of all Clients with that color formula, jump right to that visit on that Client card, even email it!

Photos sorted by formula:
Colorista - Photos - by Formula name Colorista - Photos - CHmenu
Click on the Formula icon on the detailed Photo view and you can Apply the formula from that Client photo to your choice of an existing or new Client. It would create a new visit with a copy of the Formula name and that client’s formula details from that very photo/visit. Go ahead, give it a try. Practice on the demo clients.

11 – adding photos that inspire you
You can add any photos you want to your portfolio from either the camera (taking a new photo) or from your iPhone camera roll.

12 – see “all clients”
From the home menu screen, tap on the top left “all clients” icon to see a list of all of your clients in the Colorista app.

13 – how to delete the demo data
Go to the “settings” on the 2nd screen of the home menu

14 – how to share with a friend in the hair industry
Select “share” on the 2nd screen of the home menu and share by email address to your other professional hair peeps! Share Colorista with the hottest hair & beauty stylists you know and you can keep using Colorista for free (additional visits.

If you think this app might be helpful to a friend who works in the pro hair and beauty industry … please share! Either share when prompted, or access through the menu.